Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Climbing trees

I grew up in a neighborhood without any playground but with plenty of trees for children to climb.  There were many reasons for me and my playmates to climb trees, among them were to pluck ripe fruits  and shake the branches to dislodge June beetles, but most of the time we climbed them just for

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Pretend play

I was sitting in front of the computer during a break from our study session when my son came and swaddled me with a comforter.  After failing to keep the comforter from sliding down my shoulder, he decided to fasten it around me with Snoopy clothespins.  These are the same clothespins he uses for pincer grasp exercises.

My son catches me taking pictures using the webcam.

He thinks more clothespin are necessary.

Was he thinking of the cocoon in "The Very Hungry Caterpillar" book?  Did he get inspiration from "The Emperor's New Groove," the movie he was watching when he turned his attention to me?  Who was he pretending to be, and what was my role?  I would really like to know, but his communication skills are very limited.  Perhaps someday, when he can already talk and I show him these pictures, he may be able to explain why he had me wrapped in a comforter.  When that time comes, I will tell him that the other reason why I took pictures of this moment was because this was the very first time I saw him play with the clothespins voluntarily.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

A Gripping Activity

When I first saw the fish-shaped container filled with soy sauce in my bento box, I thought of two possibilities: (a) the soy sauce can be bought already packed in the tiny tubes or (b) the empty containers are available in the supermarket and those selling the bento boxes had to put soy sauce in each of them.  Even though I lived in Japan for three years, I never got to ask any of my Japanese friends for the right answer, but I found out that the empty soy-sauce containers are indeed being sold in 100-yen stores.  I am so glad that they are also available in Japanese products stores here in Thailand.

I bought some of these containers for use in activities that aim to strengthen my son's pincer grip.  He hated the other pincer grip activities I had him perform in the past, and although he was following the instructions, he was also whining the whole time:  A-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha. Woe-hoe-hoe-hoe-hoe-hoe.  Woe-hope!  Peep-peeeeeeeeeep. Woe-hope!  Oh-nen-nen, how-wha-way.

To fill the containers, he needed to first squeezing them to force the air out. He had to dip the container in the colored water, and then release the pressure so the liquid can get in.

He had to try several times before succeeding in making the liquid enter the container, but he persevered.  I also observed that he had lots of difficulty manipulating the tiny lids, but he managed to open and close the containers.  He tends to get frustrated easily, so I am amazed that he finished this activity without the need for the usual prompting and encouragement from me.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Friday, June 15, 2012

Crazy language

Sometimes my son prefers to watch a DVD in the MacBook.  There are times when the player stops and displays a message that it is skipping some damaged area of the DVD.  This used to cause him to whine, which often progressed to a full blown tantrum.  He hated the interruption and he needed to express his frustration, but I suspected that his unacceptable behavior might also be his way of asking for help.  Although I learned

Monday, June 11, 2012

Counting and self restraint

In December last year I discovered that although my son could already recognize and write numbers, he did not know that they have meaning. He had no problem counting the frogs in an ipad app, for example, but he would touch the numbers randomly when asked to choose the correct answer. I had him accomplish worksheets where he had to count the items and circle the number that tells how many. Counting the objects was a breeze, but he would circle any

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Will to learn

When my son saw me leafing through a newly bought workbook, he sat beside me on the bed and looked at the picture of the pig on a number recognition and counting activity.

He said, "a pencil."  What he meant

Monday, June 4, 2012


Before dinner on Sunday, I kept my son busy with drawing and spelling activities.  He was able to independently sketch and label apple, cat, (lady)bug, (sail)boat, mouse, house, and ball.  The next instruction was, "draw a face." He scribbled a circle before pausing to think of what to draw next.  I was waiting for him to add eyes, nose, mouth, ear, neck, eye brows, and hair when

Thursday, May 31, 2012

A language of his own

My son could already make some verbal requests when he was two years old.  He invented words, and by trial and error we learned what each word meant.  Balloon, for example, is "daw-daw."  When my son wanted to watch the videos of the animated TV series "Noddy," he would tell me "Apukutch."  For the films featuring a dog named Beethoven, he would say "Bow-bow."  "Garfield" is "Afee."  This system worked for some time until autism began to erase his limited language.  It came to a point where he would cry aloud each time he wanted to watch a video as I was making a futile attempt to guess what he desired.  Eventually, we just had to let him pick the disc of his choice and assist him in operating the player to

Tuesday, May 29, 2012


I grew up thanking saints at the bidding of my mother who claimed that those saints cured me.  I was sickly when I was young, and although my mother brought me to medical doctors, she also made deals with these saints to heal me in exchange of a yearly pilgrimage to the church dedicated to them during their feast day.   She brought me in these churches throughout my childhood, but she never explained exactly whose saint was involved in which disease.  In my early teens, I would go all by myself to honor my mother's pact with these saints and to have fun as well.  A feast day, after all, is also a time of merriment.  Eventually, my mother would have to remind me of her panata (promise), and I would tell her that she should be the one fulfilling


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